Some analog video enthusiasts claim that Super VHS — or SVHS for short — was as good as DV. To test this claim, I shot several scenes with two camcorders standing for these video formats.

These camcorders do not represent state of the art of the respective standards; both…

In the world of analog audio, the irregular movement of tape, record or film causes speed fluctuation, which in turn, causes pitch fluctuation. Relatively slow changes in pitch are called wow, faster changes are called flutter.

Wow may be caused by a variety of reasons: off-center record, deformed rubber…

Bestisan SR01 active speakers

These are near-field speakers from Bestisan, as in, “Best Artisan”.

They have two stereo line inputs, a USB port, and can also be connected to via Bluetooth. Because they are powered, they do not require a separate power amplifier. Instead they come with a small AC adapter. …

This is the TDK SA compact cassette, one of the most important audio tapes ever created.

TDK “Super Avilyn” compact cassette (1974)

The SA is considered the first non-Chrome Type II tape. It was designed to avoid paying royalties to DuPont, who developed Chromium Dioxide tape, but also to produce a competitive product cheaper, using existing…

This is my favorite cheap Sony Walkman from 1990s, the WM-FX407.

Make no mistake — like the other mass-produced Walkmans of this period, it has the same bulky and noisy plastic mechanism, directly attached to the circuit board.

For a cheap Walkman, the FX407 is loaded with features. It has…

Reel-to-reel cassettes can be seen in almost every YouTube video that shows off vintage hi-fi equipment. Why they have become so popular, and do they have any merit?

Technical merit

On a reel-to-reel tape recorder the smallest distance between spindles is defined by the sum of the radii of…

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